Friday, January 18, 2008

Student Loans :FAFSA Application

Education and scholars is the strength of any nation and can prove to be a strength that no one can take away from them or that can not be disarmed. It is the responsibility of the government to provide proper educational facilities for the people living in the country as it is the youth receiving education that makes or breaks the future of a country. Without proper educational prospects there will not be enough doctors to cure the sick, enough engineers to build and manufacture, enough businessmen to run the industries and economy and enough politicians to run the country itself.

A country can only survive for a few years on its existing brain power and once they will grow old and will need to be replaced there may not be enough qualified people to replace them if the education system is disturbed or not paid proper attention to at any time. After providing the students and youth of the country with prospective of getting good quality education and equipping themselves with the skills needed to survive in the technical world there is another aspect that needs the attention of the government.

Funding to educate those who can not afford to get education for them is a critical area that requires the attention of every government. After providing schools and avenues of education the government needs to see if this education is accessible to everyone or is there a particular community that can not afford to pay for the education. To enable the youth of the country that can not afford to pay for their education and yet want to study the government starts educational aid programs. These aid programs are different from the scholarship programs that are given to talented students after spotting a particular talent in them. The scholarships programs are not like these aid programs. The educational aid programs enable thousands of students to get education by covering for their education expenses including books and other such expenses. These programs are funded but the government and some are even sourced by the charitable organizations of the country.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA is such an aid program targeted at students of America to promote education among those who can not afford to study in good schools and can not manage to pay school and college tuition fees. The FAFSA application if open to desiring students and they can apply through the FAFSA website and fill in the form to provide the organization with the required information and financial data of their parents if they are still dependent on their parents. FAFSA gov is a government funded program that is project of the US department of education and their main purpose is to open the doors to postsecondary education to all of the America. Deserving and eligible students can apply to the aid program if they want to pursue studies beyond high school.

The program among other services deals in handling 14 Million aid applications every year, distribute around $80 billion in aid to students per year, implementing the rules of financial aid in schools, securing repayments from loan defaulters and education students and heir families about the importance of aid programs. This program partners with students, parents, schools and financial institutions for running the program smoothly. It is also an honor that the program has taken many steps to prevent students and their parents from falling prey to fraud and felony of other aid programs that cheat these deserving students into entering fake aid programs. Federal financial aid is extended to students every year on first come first basis with the cooperation of state governments and school authorities.

The easiest way to apply for a FAFSA aid is through the www FAFSA website. The online application process is fast and very simple. As time of application is critical and the aid applications are considered on the first come first served basis the FAFSA online is the best option to ensure that you get your application approved. Free FAFSA application is available on the website and the students and their parents can easily fill in the simple FAFSA form to apply for the aid. The first time student FAFSA applicants can fill in the worksheet form after printing it. This form is available on the website and is very easy to be filled in. The applicant which is the student will have to sign the form and if the student is dependent then his parents (only one of the parents) will have to sign the form as well. In order to sign the form electronically the student can get a PIN. If the parent wishes to sign the form electronically as well they will get a separate PIN to do so. Financial information of the parent who is singing the application will be required. If the parents of the child are separated and the child lives with both parents turn by turn then the parent with whom he has spent most time in the past 12 months will get to sign the form and his financial details will be required. If the parents of the student are divorced and the student is living with one of his parents who have remarried then the financial details of the stepparent will also be required along with his consent. FAFSA financial aid can be applied for immediately after January 1 of every year and the sooner the application is submitted the better. Most states require the FAFSA edu applications to be submitted before March 1 and some have a deadline somewhere in mid February so the earlier you apply the better. FAFSA financial aid applications would be of no use if they are submitted late. The FAFSA education program can be applied to in the next year as well if a student had already received the aid the previous year. The reapplication process is called FAFSA renewal and the renewal application requires less details then the first time application. However, the financial details will need to be submitted again because the financial conditions of a person can change dramatically over the period of a year.

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